landspeeder.jpgShadows of an Empire takes place in the Outer Rim, beginning in the Arkansis Sector, where scoundrels are always looking to make a few credits, and gangster oligarchs are always hiring. But the tremors of the Galactic Civil War are beginning to reach even this forgotten corner of the galaxy. Not long ago, the Empire tested an all-powerful weapon on the unlucky citizens of Alderaan, though rumor has it that the Rebel Alliance has managed to destroy the fearsome weapon. Underworld empires – the Hutt Council and the Black Sun Syndicate – are stretching their fingers in hopes of profiting off the chaos. It seems like a good moment for those who would rather go unnoticed.

The campaign begins in just minutes after the assassination of the Hutt gangster, Teemo the Hutt, in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine. Teemo’s forces are pouring out of the palace, looting it as they go. You may have spotted a Nikto thug carrying an enormous painted starscape, a Gamorrean who has snapped off a number of scantily clad Twi’lek statuettes, or a Klatoonian carrying a large barrel labeled “Rycrit Stew.” Mos Shuuta is in utter chaos. It seems that fear of Teemo was the only thing holding the town together and now everything is devolving rapidly.

Shadows of an Empire

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