Shadows of an Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt
Ding Dong the Hutt is Dead

After stowing away aboard Wex and Orpa Vio’s Nova Cruiser, “The Lucky Guess,” the renegades 41-Vex, Pash, Lowhhrick, and Oskara were greeted by Mathus, Teemo’s engineer. The party made their way to landing bay Aurek and snuck into Teemo’s palace in crates of battle droids that Teemo had purchased.

They sliced the communications hub to get what evidence they could of Teemo’s wrongdoings, and then the launched their attack, lead by a pair of malfunctioning battledroids and a handful of disgruntled gladiators.

Amidst the chaos, the quick-thinking Oskara shot down the chandelier on Teemo’s head, and Lowhhrick and his Wookie allies cut down the vile Hutt lord as he tried to free himself. Pash fired a blast straight through the head of Teemo’s Kubaz spy, Thwheek. ’

Oskara has escaped with an old friend from her gang, GSR, and Pash made off with Thwheek’s battered Dunelizard, parked on the private landing pad.

Now, after having shared some choice information with Jabba’s informant, Anatta, the renegades 41-Vex and Lowhhrick are attempting to flee the city with the help of Orpa and Wex, as well as a few new allies.


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