Toydorian Information Broker (Works for Jabba)


A typically shifty member of the Toydarian species with light blue skin. This fluttering creature is a font of underworld knowledge. He is one of Jabba the Hutt’s informants and prides himself on providing accurate information, for a price.

The group first met him at Duke Piddock’s party. Anatta claims to have overheard that Mu Nanb has purchased an exorbitantly large supply of arms from Piddock, and he also tipped Oskara off that Vrixx’t, a Gand at Piddock’s party, is actually a bounty hunter. Anatta was particularly interested (and frankly concerned) to discover that Teemo might be making moves to go after ryll production on Ryloth without giving Jabba his cut. Though he is not one to deal in rumors, Anatta has asked Oskara to inform him if she were to get any hard evidence of this, as Jabba might be interested.


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