Captain Herkin

Captain, 403rd Battalion, Galactic Empire


Herkin is a stern military officer and is the leader of the 403rd Battalion. He fully understands the political maneuvering necessary to advance Imperial interests in the far reaches of the outer rim.

Herkin has various political dealings with several planets in the Arkanis and Gaulus sectors. Stormtroopers belonging to the 403rd have been spotted in Mos Shuuta, and Herkin himself was spotted on Geonosis, at Gogum Hive. Herkin is known to pay regular visits to Gogum Hive, which always have unpleasant results for Duke Piddock.

Herkin’s relationship with Teemo was unclear. Herkin has reported that it is over now.

Herkin’s unit was responsible for transporting a handful of scoundrels from Aldaraan to the Kessel Spice Mines. The brashness of one of the Aldaraanis was to his liking, and he decided to release the kid, Pash, and sent him off to work for Teemo the Hutt instead.

Herkin has asked Pash to place a tracking device on the hull of a rebellion representative’s ship, who Herkin believed to be in Gogum Hive at the time. Pash believed Mu Nanb to be this representative and installed the device on the Sullustan’s Jumpmaster.


Captain Herkin

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