Duke Dimmock

Geonosian Arms Dealer


Duke Dimmock is known to have sold a shipment of Baktoid B-1 Battledroids to Teemo the Hutt. He agreed to allow Pash, 41-Vex, Lowhhrick, and Oskara to sneak aboard the Lucky Guess along with his shipment of battledroids. He claims to be a friend of Ota Koth’lai, and is known to be a political rival of Duke Piddock. His Galactic political allegiances are unknown, though he seemed to appreciate Oskara’s condemnation of the empire’s presence on Geonosis.

Several transmissions from Teemo’s palace to accused Dimmock’s droids of being programmed to assassinate Teemo. A number of witnesses may be able to corroborate this story. Not dealing in information himself, It is unlikely that Dimmock is aware of this fact as of yet.

Duke Dimmock

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