Duke Piddock

Geonosian Arms Dealer


A grand old Geonosian, he wears a shining breastplate and several golden bracelets around his wrists and ankles.

Although Geonosians are usually loathe to deal with outsiders the Empire’s oppression of their planet has caused some to seek new ways of selling their wares. Duke Piddock had a tentative deal arranged with Teemo the Hutt not long ago before their relationship soured.

Piddock is known to detest the Galactic Empire, at least in part due to frequent unwelcome visits made by Lieutenant Herkin of the 503rd Battalion. The nature of these visits is unknown, though they do not seem to be pleasant for Piddock.

Piddock is also suspected to have made a major arms deal with jatz enthusiast Mu Nanb.

Known associates of Duke Piddock:
Lieutenant Herkin, Galactic Empire, 503rd Battalion
Vrixx’t, Gand Findsman
Maru Jakkar, human xenophile, suspected representative of the Black Sun Syndicate
Mu Nanb, Sullustan tourist, suspected representative of the Rebellion
BG-222, Protocol Droid
Duke Dimmock, Geonosian arms dealer (political rival)
Teemo the Hutt, Gangster and Hutt Lord (broken ties)
Sivor, Geonosian droid engineer (suspected deceased)
Anatta, Toydorian information broker, suspected to work for Jabba the Hutt
Orpa and Wex Vio, human smugglers
Ota Koth’lai, Bothan (Piddock believes Ota is an arms distributor for the Empire)


Duke Piddock

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