Ota Koth'lai

Bothan member of the Lai clan


Little is known about Ota. He is presumed to be a member of the Koth family and the Lai clan, which has a significant stake in the industrial droid production facilities on Kothlis. Ota has let on that he would have an interest in the elimination of Teemo the Hutt, and he has aided Pash, Oskara, 41-Vex, and Lowhhrick in returning to Mos Shuuta in secret.

Ota has also dealt with several Geonosian dukes (Piddock and Dimmock) and has built trust with a Twi’lek resistance faction in Nabat, Ryloth, lead by Nyn and B’ura B’an.


Ota Koth'lai

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