Astromech Droid (Industrial Automaton)


R5-K3 is an astromech droid most recently owned by Vorn Tel-Ovis. Vorn purchased the droid nearly brand-new from a Gand pirate who had stolen it fresh from an Industrial Automaton buyer. As the droid had not been activated, Vorn was able to imprint the unit on himself.

R5 units were marketed by Industrial Automaton as a new, low-budget, high-tech improvement upon the celebrated R2 series. However, their reputation suggests that IA cut corners, leading to a uncreative processing. The droids are effective, but not as brilliant as their R2 counterparts.

R5-K3 is currently, powered down in the engineering bay of the Krayt Fang, docked in AA7 Gantry at Trelik Hive, Geonosis. The droid believes (correctly) that it has been kidnapped, and when activated is abiding by its programmed protocol to making irritated beeping noises and spin to indicate to any onlooker that the droid is stolen.



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