Trex (dead)

Trandoshan Bounty Hunter


Until recently, Trex was a bounty hunter working primarily for Teemo the Hutt. Trex kidnapped Twi’lek activist B’ura B’an and was transporting him to Teemo’s palace in Mos Shuuta. He also had a shipment of partially-cured wookie skins destined for Teemo.

Trex’s ship was stolen by Pash, Oskara, 41-Vex, and Lowhhrick. They pushed him out of the freight ramp as they were taking off out of Landing Bay Aurek in Mos Shutta, but he managed to survive due to the famed regeneration abilities of his species. Trex tracked down the renegades by an old lylek den on Ryloth, where he was cut to pieces by the enraged Wookiee Lowhhrick.

Trex is the former owner of the Krayt Fang, a customized but very beat up YT-1300 Light Frieghter.


Trex (dead)

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