Vorn Tel-Ovis

Human Mechanic and Junk Dealer


Vorn is a rather unpleasant old man who spends his days fixing droids and selling parts out of a junk shop in Mos Shuuta, Tatooine. He relied heavily on his droid assistant and can frequently be heard muttering curses under his breath whenever he’s not shouting at it. He’s known to drive a hard bargain, but always honors a deal. He splits his time between repairing the gear of the scum who drift into Mos Shuuta, buying and selling spare parts and broken down equipment, and doing odd mechanical jobs for Teemo.

He recently lost an expensive Hypermatter Reactor Ignitor and to a small group of scoundrels who pick-pocketed the HMRI and kidnapped the droid while his back was turned.

Vorn did a fair amount of work for Teemo. He and 41-Vex shared a workshop within Teemo’s palce, where 41-Vex worked on the organics and Vorn worked on the mechanicals.


Vorn Tel-Ovis

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