Wex and Orpa Vio

Human Smuggler Twins


Wex and Orpa were first encountered at a party hosted by Duke Piddock on Geonosis, looking for jobs. The party later discovered that the Vio twins were carrying a shipment from Duke Dimmock to Teemo the Hutt (dead), a shipment of B1 Baktoid Battledroids.

After being paid off by Dimmock, Wex and Orpa agreed to let the party stow aboard back to Mos Shuuta. Lowhhrick for 500 credits apiece, Lowhhrick also convinced them to provide a return trip, back to Geonosis. Now, the party is fleeing Mos Shuuta with Wex and Orpa, attempting to board their Nova Courier, the Lucky Guess.

The Vio twins don’t seem to have any allegiances, except to each other, and are currently on the lookout for their next job.

Wex is a talkative jokester and a fairly skilled pilot. He tends to say more than he ought to, particularly when he’s had a few mugs of dragonjuice.

Orpa is tight-lipped and does her best to keep Wex that way as well. Though she doesn’t flaunt it, she is quite handy with a blaster, and can get Wex out of a tight situation if he has insulted the wrong gangster.


Wex and Orpa Vio

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